Dystopian Wars

The aim of this page is to collate all of the cool stuff regarding the Dystopian Wars. This includes any Battle reports and pictures of completed Models, with links to any posts they were posted in.

If you click here, then you will see my blog only showing the Dystopian Wars related posts.

I keep intending to revamp this page with the purchase of my Covenant Forces, I may eventually even get around to it!


Dystopian wars Review 
Rules Update
Tiny Flyer Rules Revision
Game Setup Review
Generator Changes
Stat Card Idea

Battle Reports
So first things first, my Battle Reports. Can't promise writing them all up for everyone, but when I do, I will be posting them on my blog and linking them here for you all to have an easy way to find them for you.

Britannia vs Prussians, Part 1 & Part 2
Kingdom of Britannia vs Empire of the Blazing Sun Game 1 (Video)
Kingdom of Britannia vs Empire of the Blazing Sun Game 2 (Video)

Army Lists
::Coming Soon::

People Blogging About Dystopian Wars
The aim of this section was to include a list of blogs people had that included Dystopian Wars, however in a review I completed I found that most haven't posted anything in the last 2 years or more that is Dystopian Wars specific (in some cases nothing at all).

So I am now looking for more sites to add here, drop me a message in the comments and I will get you added to the page.

One of the best places to visit (if you haven't already) are the Spartan Games website & forums there is tons of information there regarding this and all their other games.

The two pictures below show you the Dystopian Wars forces that I first owned, they have since been sold and moved on to other better places.

I am now in the progress of painting up a Covenant of Antartica force ready to take to the water.


Chris said…
Hi there, a long time ago you asked for some Dystopian Wars bloggers, I would love to have mine up on your list.

Kraggi said…
Hiya Chris,

Apologies about the delay in responding. Just got you added today.

I am always looking for more people... just need to get advertising it more lol.
Thomas said…
Hi Chris,

I just started with Dystopian Wars and your collection here was a real help to me. Thanks for sharing!

On my blog I will start to have some Dystopian Wars, too!