Forgeworld - Sicaran

In addition to picking up a Spartan Assault tank I managed to get myself a Sicaran Battle Tank, I have loved this model since I first saw it, so very excited to get this guy built, painted and on the table top. 

As you can see above, the contents of the Forgeworld bag, two shrink wrapped sections contain the left & right of the hull, along with two double sided pages of instructions to assemble (and a handy leaflet of how to work with Resin).

The left & right of the hull, with a Space Marine for scale. 

And finally all of the other bits that come in the bag to build up the Spartan, look out for some future Work in progress shots of this guy as I get him ready for the table top.

Spartan Firestorm & Planetfall Beta Group Applications

Good Afternoon all,

A quick link to share the advert for the latest Beta group for Spartan games.

Its a fair amount of work but definitely worth while investing yourself in if you want to help build a better game!

Forgeworld Spartan

Some recent purchases to expand my Horus Hersey army, starting with the Spartan Assault tank (more shots after the jump)

So when you open the box here are the contents, 3 double sided pages of instructions, three bubble wrapped sections (either side of the hull, and the top and bottom).

Removing the bubble wrap and you can see both sides of the hull and the top and bottom (including the extra bits of resin), and with an Ultramarine for scale. 

The rest of the contents of the plastic bag, all the gubbins to make up the Spartan.

I also picked up the Ultramarines landraider door set, just to give the tank a bit more flavour. 

All in all, the warping on these seems pretty minimal, the one thing that I don't appear to have (which is a little disappointing) is the parts to make up a Laser Destroyer sponsor (s). 

You just get the Quad Lascannon emplacements, which is fair enough (as its still a significant number of Lascannons a turn!).

Looking forward to painting this bad boy up, finally my infantry heavy army is heading towards a mechanised presence! 

Ultramarines HH list

As we progress into 2017, I know that this is going to be the year of the Horus Hersey.

My club looks to be running a tournament / gaming day in the near future, and other events in the local area are kicking off. 

So with that in mind, its time to pull my 2,000 point list together, get the models painted and ready to rock. 

So without further ado, a quick look at a list for two different types of tournament games:

2,000 Points - Lords of War Allowed

Consul - Combi Bolter, Power Weapon, Meltabombs

Tartaros Terminators x 5, Plasma Blaster, Grenade Harness, Lightning Claw x 2, Powerfist x 3
Tartaros Terminators x 5, Plasma Blaster, Grenade Harness, Lightning Claw x 2, Powerfist x 3, Volkite Charger x 3

Tactical Squad x 15
Tactical Squad x 15
Tactical Squad x 10
Tactical Support Squad x 6, Volkite Caliver

Heavy Support Squad x 7, Missile Launchers
Sicaran Battle Tank, Heavy Bolter Sponsors, Hunter Killer Missile

Typhon Siege Tank, Armoured Ceramite, Hunter Killer Missile

This gives me a solid core of 6 scoring units, and three denial units.

I am a little bit light on the HQ side of things for an Ultramarines army (given the pinning check they all need to make if he dies), but given the numbers of models I am pretty happy with that.

The Typhon should be able to help clear any infantry / light tanks out of the way with relative ease, I may struggle to touch vs some Lords of War, but the ability to clear the scoring units off the table, cannot be ignored. 

The Sicaran is that balance of anti Infantry vs Anti Tank, S7+Rending is nothing to sniff at, as it can't glance AV13, and is more likely to Penetrate an AV14 than glance it.

The Volkite Caliver's have a decent range at 30", and allow me to keep a scoring unit back, that still has some effective fire power. 

The alternate to this list is for those tournaments where they may disallow Lords of War (or if i am just feeling hopeful!)

Consul - Combi Bolter, Power Weapon, Meltabombs

Tartaros Terminators x 5, Plasma Blaster, Grenade Harness, Lightning Claw x 2, Powerfist x 3
Tartaros Terminators x 5, Plasma Blaster, Grenade Harness, Lightning Claw x 2, Powerfist x 3, Volkite Charger x 3

Tactical Squad x 15
Tactical Squad x 15
Tactical Squad x 10
Tactical Support Squad x 6, Volkite Caliver
Heavy Support Squad x 7, Missile Launchers
Sicaran Venator Tank Destroyer, Lascannon Sponsors, Hunter Killer Missile
Spartan Assault Tank, Auxiliary Drive, Hunter Killer, Quad Lascannons

So on the same theme this list swaps out the Typhon & Battle Tank to bring in a Venator Tank Destroyer, and Spartan Assault Tank. 

The Volkite Caliver's have a decent range at 30", and allow me to keep a scoring unit back, that still has some effective fire power (much the same as before)! 

Primarch Leading the Ultramrines (2,000 Points)

So I managed a game recently where I got Roboute Guilliman onto the table top. 

The list needs some further revision, but here is where we are at. 

Legion Centurion; Power Weapon
Master of the Signal

Tactical Squad (15 marines), Combi Weapon Sergeant
Tactical Squad (15 marines), Combi Weapon Sergeant
Tactical Squad (10 marines), Combi Weapon Sergeant
Tactical Support Squad (5 marines), Volkie Caliver
Tartaros Terminators (5 Terminators), Reaper Autocannon, Power Fist x 2, Lightning Claw x 3

Contemptor Dreadnought, Kheres Assault Cannon

Heavy Support
Legion Heavy Support Squad (8 Marines), 8 Rocket Launchers
Sicaran Battle Tank

Lord of War:
Roboute Guilliman

Rite of War:
Logos Lectora

This list attempts to give the best level of tactical flexibility for the Ultramarines, the one thing it does not capitlise on it Guillimans ability to give all units of the same type a special rule, as that would only benefit my Tactical Squads in a big way, vs lists that had multiple Heavy Support squads or multiple Sicarans (giving them all interceptor or scoring is entertaining to say the least!) might. 

The version of the list I used before was illegal as I was short a HQ, had an extra terminator (who I would have dropped for the hq), and a Heavy Bolter Devastator squad (shown in the top picture)

This list might see two Tactical marines dropped to add the Heavy Bolter sponsors onto the Sicaran, but other than that I am pretty happy with it!

What do you think?

Ultramarines Horus Hersey List 1020 Points


So 1020 isnt your usual game size, but when I hit 1019 points, my brother was quite happy to pay for two special weapons he had modelled (but wasnt using) to bring us to 1020, and me not needing to trim the fat any more. 

This was my first attempt at 1,000 points , following on from some advice I saw on WarpstoneFlux I figured I would try the MSU approach (spoliers: not my best idea!).

Get the list after the jump!

Aquan Core Helix Tactics & Comments

Its been a while since I posted a tactica report for the Aquans and since i have finally completed the Core Helix (or rather have done for a while) I decided they should be the next up.

Sedna Heavy Squadron
The Sedna is the Core Helix's only transport unit, and although it is very quick, and without the Lumbering MAR it doesn't mean you should look to using this guy to deliver troops to the enemy as its primary function.

The Sedna's laser, benefits from the Votari Nodes, and puts out a decent number of Attack Dice (AD), if you elect to use a standard shot, then you can cause one point of damage you have a 1/3 chance of taking a second with Pinpoint.

The troops you may take inside the Sedna can be useful to help boost its Close Quarter Battle (CQB) threat, by jumping out when the vehicle is threatened, they definitely arent the best Infantry in the game, but the tactic can work to keep CQB light units from closing up on you too much.

The Sedna does have very respectable cruising move, and with Hit & Run as well the ability to stay away from the enemy can never be under estimated.

Hover on a heavy tank is amazing as well, as it really helps increase the Sedna's survivability, at least until the enemy close into Effective Range (EF).

I tend to always take two of these guys, the number of dice, range and manoeuvrability work really well for them.

Lamana Medium Squadron
My opinion is that the Mediums really are your backbone of any Core Helix, and the Lamana's are no different.

With only one weapon available to them they put out a decent amount of firepower, and while pinpoint (1) isn't amazing, whenever it pays off you will normally be in a good place.

Like the Sedna the Lamana has hit & run, a rule it should utilise to stay away from enemy fire, with Hover they are only hit on 5+'s to begin with and this  helps with their longevity.

Imzani Light Squadron
I feel these guys are actually very good, they have a decent AD each (5), meaning they can put out a surprising number of shots (20 if they are all still there), and they are fast. 

Similar to the Crone from the Works Raptor Recon Helix, you will want to get these guys into the Flank & Rear of your opponent to threaten your primary objective, with the usual -1 to hit that all lights get these guys can do relatively well against medium firepower.

Don't put them in the open, and try to get the first strike with them if you will, like all light tanks they are very much a glass cannon.

Stingray Squadron
Stingray's arrive via Sky drop, so the positioning of your Sky drop markers needs to be carefully considered from the off, these guys put out 12AD at 30" between them, so you should be able to get yourself some nice Flank, and with luck Rear shots against your opponent. 

Not calling these guys in can also be a huge advantage as your opponent has to consider where they might arrive when completing all of their other options.

They are not the hardest things in the world to kill, Hard Target (-1) helps, but do'nt expect them to stand up to torrents of fire. However if someone is shooting at them, they arent shooting at your mobile elements. 

They are also some of the most effective AA in the game, given their range and number of AD, you can easily find that you can deny areas of the board from your enemy flyers, but don't think this is their only roll as flank and rear shots will make a significant difference as the game runs on. 

The Corrosive MAR helps them and their allies apply damage to quickly run down the enemy.

Votari Nodes
The second of the Core Helix's Sky drop units, these guys are great ways to delay activations and let the enemy reveal their plan.

They are cheap and worth no TV, so you dont mind if the enemy shoots at them. 

You really need to look at your positioning on these guys, is it a case of you want to use them to get flank or rear shots, or do you want to use them to redirect shots from where your units are hiding?

You can also use them to extend the range of your weapons, that enemy 24" away from your 20" range weapon? Shoot a crystal that redirects the fire an additional 24", and it keeps it in Effective range allowing you to ignore MAR's like Hover (which makes things harder to hit).

If you can use placed shots against these, then you can quickly offset the loss of Weapon MAR's when using the Crystal. 

These are the key to a successful Aquan Prime force. 

SirSir Medium Specialist
The SirSir is an attachment for either the Lamana's or Sednas in your squadron.

The main reason for it to come along is for you to Zero in Sky Drop markers for your Votari & Stringray Batteries. 

If you dont have any of those you might decide to give this guy a miss, although even without units that can Sky drop, he can still add two additional hit points to a unit, extra shields and some much needed CQB. 

When you add in Artillery markers from other helixes, the SirSir can be used to help zero them in, or call in artillery strikes. 

Generally he will start out at the back of the unit till you can zero in all your sky drops, before he moves out in front to absorb some damage for you. 

As an attachment he increases the units TV by +2, but until he is dead your opponent doesn't get any TV for the unit, so don't be afraid to hide him away or run him off the board if you lose the unit he is attached to.

Khitari Strike Shoal
The basic Khitari are not the best infantry in the world, you need them to hold objectives of course, but in an ideal place you don't really want them to be threatened by another CQB heavy unit as they are unlikely to stand upto anything serious in a fight.

Where the Khitari come into there own is when you start upgrading them, you will find some of their upgrades are expensive, but so far the Aquans don't have any heavy infantry, although with a load of upgrades the Khitari more than make up for it. 

These guys have decent shooting, that can benefit from the hit & run MAR (with an officer), and can have some serious CQB output with additional soaker units when you add in your sweeper teams.

I find running these guys as either a three man Gun team, or a six man Sweeper team works well from the Sedna's, the extra 12 shots they put out from the gun teams can really help especially if you can get the flank shot into something that is already damaged.

The Sweeper teams also help boost the CQB, and again through careful positioning you can threaten just that one (hopefully damaged) medium and overwhelm them in combat. 

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