Contemptor Conversions

Just a quick post, after yet another Horus Hersey purchase, I ended up with my third and (hopefully) final Contemptor. 

So far I have glued one together exactly as the model arrives on the sprue, the second I gut the body off the legs to give the Torso a slight twist and different posed. 

This time I went a little bit more crazy (and really not much of deep conversion work here), and cut the body off the legs, cut all of the shoulder's off of the guns. 

This allows me to do a bit more of an arm swap / torso twist to build this guy...

Not a massive change to the pose, but it does mean that three same models I had are all slightly different, and shouldnt look too samey while they hit you with their 18 BS5 Assault Cannon shots! 

Burning of Prospero Terminators

Another quick post as I look at the first set of Tarantos Terminators from the burning of prospero.

I have 10 of these bad boys, so this first group is missing the sergeant, but he is coming soon, here you can see them armed with:

Ranged Weapons
1 Reaper Autocannon
2 Combi Bolters
2 Volkite Chargers

Close Combat:
Power Fist x 3
Lightning Claw x 2

Hopefully I can get some painted pictures up for these guys soon!

Warmachine, Convergence of Cyriss - Cipher

The Heavy Warjack for my fation, again just the basic model from the starter box, but he has done me well in the games I have managed to play! 

Winter War 2016 - The Review (Game 1 vs Khorne Daemonkin)

So my first tournament at 40k for a good few years, three games, limited funds & models.. how do you think I did?

Well the answer is.....

Warmachine, Convergence of Cyriss - Forge Master Syntherion

The only Warcaster I own for the Convergence so far, needs a friend to take over when I want to give him a rest, and yes he was missing half of his arm when I got him, so he ended up half assembled! 

Forge world Knight Titan - wow

Loving the new community site from GW so far, you can find the full details (as limited as they currently are) here

Love the look of this guy, very much hope I can swing the money together to pick it up one day! 

Warmachine, Convergence of Cyriss - Galvanizer

The second of my Warmachine Light Warjacks, he doesnt always get into combat quickly, but he does draw some fire from my other models while he charges forward! 

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